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Your Model Portfolio should include a Composite Card, several Headshots and a combination of posed and full length shots offering various expressions, looks and poses.  We determine what type of portfolio photographs you need depending on your modeling attributes, potential and goals.

We will plan your relaxing, fun, PortfolioSession in advance during an in-person consultation.  We will discuss the location, props, and I will learn more about you, your interests etc.  Sessions can be held in our studio, at your home,  outdoors or a combination of both and at multiple locations. 

Reenie will also travel to photograph you during a performance, athletic or body building event, etc.  Locations, costumes, make up, hairstyles, props, poses and lighting are used to create a portfolio of photographs that you fit your modeling goals and attributes.

Photos can be edgy, romantic, studious, domestic, geeky, soft, sexy, clean-cut, grungy, retro, powerful, high contrast, low contrast, color, black and white, etc.

Every Portfolio session is a fun and relaxing experience and is designed to bring out your personality, interests, lifestyle, things you enjoy doing, etc.   You can arrange your session in your home, yard, favorite park, dance studio, gymnastic studio, theatre, etc.  You can bring your favorite book, hobby item, multiple outfits, etc. We provide you with a list of props, etc. We plan your session together. We take our time during the session to plan poses and achieve the results you want. We can arrange to have a hairstylist/make-up artist on location as well. Model sessions last several hours to allow for breaks, clothing/hair/prop changes and make up touchups.

Added Services to any Portfolio Session Package can include: Blemish and Wrinkle Removal and Weight Reduction & Teeth Whitening. These services are gentle changes that will enhance your image without losing the essence of who you are. 

Men, Women, Children, Teen & Senior Portrait Portfolios.
Are you a dancer, gymnast, or athlete and want photographs of yourself in action or posing for personal or promotional use?   Do you want to create a memorable Senior Portrait Album?  We photograph male or female students, models, actors, dancers and athletes to create a portfolio of photographs that portray you in the best way possible for personal enjoyment or professional use.  If you are seeking professional work, we can provide you with a list of legitimate regional & NYC Modeling/Acting Agencies and websites that you can submit your photographs to for consideration for modeling jobs, acting jobs, etc.  Ask us how to turn your Senior Portrait Album into a Model/Actor Portfolio!
Do you have to be
"a perfect 10"
to be a model?

Just because you're not 5'9" or don't have a perfectly beautiful face, hair, skin, teeth or figure doesn't mean you can't enter the world of modeling.

Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors and even Pregnant women can enter the field of Commercial Print Modeling and acting in TV commercials, music and business videos, movies, etc.

Your "personality" and ability to convey your personality and "look" to and thru the camera is what generally sells a model for an assignment.
"Looks" for men and women can include: athletic, fit, fat, funny, smart, geeky, grungy, graceful, clumsy, tall, short, hip, vamp, collegiate, retro, housewife, executive, mom, dad, student, consumer, senior citizen, tired, vibrant, caring, indifferent, curious, etc.

Non-Fashion Modeling includes:
TV commercials, Glamour Modeling, Fitness/Sports Modeling, Teen Magazine Modeling, Senior Magazine Modeling, Business Magazine Modeling,
Trade Magazines, Plus Size Modeling, etc.

You don't have to have a perfect figure or face to be involved in modeling.  There are "character" models with "unique" faces and looks, and models who specialize in using one of their unique attributes for modeling assignments.

These can include beautiful: hands,  (dish soaps, jewelry, crafts, hand lotions, nail polish, etc), lips, eyes, nose, skin, profile (cosmetic or expressive close-ups), teeth, feet, legs, neck, chest (jewelry, necklaces, scarves) hair (shampoos, accessories, hairstyles, salons, hair coloring products, etc.)

In addition, even scars are used in modeling, so don't think that having a certain type of scar or other blemish removes you from the possibilities of modeling.  Scars are used for creams, etc. Even supermodels have scars and certain blemishes. Sometimes they become their trademarks. Everyone has scars. They can be covered up or they can revealed as necessary. We can also retouch and remove scars from photos just like magazines do.

DazzleMe Photography offers you a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your modeling potential and to review the attributes you have that we would focus on to promote for your modeling career.

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Contact us for more info and a free consultation.Ready for your first Modeling Portfolio?
Serving the Hudson Valley, NYC, & NJ

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